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‘Blockchain is not a silver bullet’

‘Blockchain is not a silver bullet’ TALLINN, Estonia – Blockchain is certainly a groundbreaking technology in many aspects. But standing alone, there are few things it can do. Its potential can be blown up fully only when it’s combined with other fitting technologies, said a senior Estonian computer scientist who designed his country’s extensive e-governance […]

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(383) Saju: Fortune-telling and Financial Analysis

(383) Saju: Fortune-telling and Financial Analysis In saju, science and mystery are integrated exquisitely together. People may denigrate saju for its seemingly superstitiousness but it should be accredited to its scientific content as well, whose value can be recognized with the advance of contemporary science. I am interested in how saju and other types of […]

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Sex scandals hit military

Sex scandals hit military The defense ministry is undergoing criticism over continuous reports of sex crimes committed by ranking military officials. Despite the ministry’s pledge to put an end to sex scandals, the number of sex crimes reported in the military is on rising each year. According to the Ministry of National Defense, the number […]

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